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June 2014

Receipts Not Received. Another open demanding follow-up on the fact that proxy receipts were not sent as they were supposed to. more



The Winners. Non-receipt of proxy receipts notwithstanding, the winners were announced. more



Proxy Receipts 2014. Following up on this year's proxy receipt issues. more



The more things change, the more things stay the same. Open letter to our Board of Directors about this year's election Issues. more



All You Wanted To Know About The Air Rights Referendum But Were Too [Bent Out Of Shape] To Ask. more



Election Corner 2014: All you need to know: Candidate Statements, Audio of Meet-The-Candidates, Ask-The-Candidates Responses, Election Issues, and the Air Rights Referendum. more


May 2014

The Ayes Have It! ALL NINE Candidates recommend that Shareholders vote YES on the forthcoming resolution. more



Met The Candidates! more



Referendum 2014! There will be a referendum on this year's ballot seeking to require overwhelming Shareholder approval of any sale of Air Rights. Text of the referendum is available. more


April 2014

Recycling: Despite advancements with regard to recycling, our ground-floor recycling slots remain sorely inadequate. more


July 2013

Election Corner 2013: The Board selects John Ryan to fill the seat vacated by Goldstein, rather than appoint fourth-placed Candidate Skidelsky. more


June 2013

Election Corner 2013: The results are in! more


May 2013

What does Election Fraud mean to you? As our election draws near, SPBuzz encourages you to consider the impact election fraud has on our elections. more



Repointing in Action.
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January 2012  

Election Issues: Unresolved. Once again, more than six months after yet documented fraud in our election, no investigation has been undertaken. more



Beer/Wine License for Eastwood? Eastwood Chip Shop just opened on the corner of East Broadway and Clinton. SPBuzz encourages Shareholders to come out in support their application for a Beer/Wine License at the CB3 meeting on February 11. more


December 2012  

Thanksgiving in December? SPBuzz encourages Shareholders to tip the security, maintenance and office staff whose dedication contribute so much to the quality of our community. more


For the Record. Election issues of non-receipt of receipt and a documented instance of a fraudulent proxy remain unresolved. In a message to our Board on December 6, 2012, I quoted a message that I sent on June 25, 2012, in which I quoted a message I sent on April 24, 2011:

... When we face problems in our elections year after year, it stops looking like honest mistakes, conflicting priorities, or a desire to “move forward”, and starts to look like deliberate foot-dragging and obstruction.


June 2012

Got Proxy Receipts (again)? Two weeks after our election was certified, proxy receipts still have not been received. more



Open the Gates of Seward Park! While we wait for our election results (and proxy receipts) to come in, please consider a simple idea for adding vitality to our neighborhood. more



Terrace Tomatoes Update: Gearing up for July's Tomato Tasting tournament; check out the garden (youtube video)!


May 2012

Tigers: What rules do we have in our bylaws regarding tigers? more


April 2012

Terrace Tomato Tasting Tournament: Do you grow tomatoes on your terrace? Stay tuned for the first ever SPBuzz Terrace Tomato Tasting Tournament, coming in July!



New Treasurer, Steam Study, Financial Update & Meeting: This flyer from Board President Eric Mandelbaum was distributed in part of Building 2 and perhaps nowhere else. more


Election Corner in April? The seasons are not the only thing out of whack; the first campaign flyers have already come in beneath our doors. more


November 2011 

Jump 11. We have a unique opportunity for a world-wide moment of solidarity, and I don't mean rapture! more


September 2011 

Man Over Board! Eric Mandelbaum is our new President, and that Bill King has resigned, leaving a vacancy to be filled at the Board's discretion.



The Re-results are in! Congratulations to Wolfson, Aranoff, Goldstein and Mandelbaum! more


August 2011

Our Story So Far... On July 1, management announced that there were tallying errors by the machine in Building-3, and that residents who voted there would be asked to recast their votes. It was subsequently announced that the whole community would be repolled, and a date was set for September 14th. Meanwhile, Director Margarett Jolly has resigned from the Board, and Candidates Finston and Ramirez have withdrawn their candidacies. This is gonna get ugly folks! more


July 2011

Our 15 Minutes of Fame. Our election conflict gets covered by the NY Times and Director Margarett Jolly resigns rather than be associated with what she describes as "a preordained election outcome."more



To Repoll or Not to Repoll, That is the Question! Our election results have been proclaimed to be inaccurate, with a repoll date for Building 3 scheduled for July 19. Meanwhile, many in our community demand a brand new election. more


June 2011

The People Have Spoken! Or maybe not. The results of our election have not been certified, and revotes for those who voted in the Building 3 booths are scheduled for July 19. more


May 2011

Floor Refinishing Testimonial! more


April 2011

Who Keeps Track of Key Track? Automated notifications when keys are removed and replaced have not been working at least since April 7. more



Fix Our Elections! The investigation into the proxy fraud conducted during our last election opens more questions than it resolves, leading SPBuzz to ask why it is objectionable to properly investigate this issue. more



Hester Fair/Greenmarket Update. Last year's trial run has led to significant changes regarding the Hester Street Fair and Greenmarket, and plans for a new Youthmarket. more



Gender Clubs an Election Issue? At the March 2nd meeting, questioning the rationale behind having separate Ladies and Men's clubs was referred to as an "election issue". more


March 2011

Elections an Election Issue? The promised investigation of the proxy fraud that was discovered in our last election was never completed. more



"Projects" Meeting. An overview of many projects, including a frank discussion of the Hallways fiasco. more


July 2010

Hester Street Needs Us. When the Hester Street Fair opened, there was a waiting list of interested vendors. Now there are more than a few empty booths. more



Proxy Haze. Details of how our proxy problem was resolved have not been disclosed, and SPBuzz is aware of one shareholder whose proxy ballot was never verified. more


June 2010

The People Have Spoken. Election results have been reported. more



More Spending on Gender-Based Clubs? Plans are underway to relocate and refurnish the Ladies' Lounge. Maybe we should seize the opportunity to reconsider how we allocate our space? more



Hester Street: Off the radar and onto the map. By all accounts, the Grand Opening of the Hester Street Fair was a great success. more



When is a Proxy Recipt not a Proxy Receipt? When it's not received. The SPBuzz team is in place, mailing proxy ballots, hand-delivering proxy ballots, and overriding proxy ballots. Hopefully this year we'll get our receipts as expected.


May 2010

State of the Co-op. The unprecedented "State of the Co-op" Meeting that was held on May 12th was very informative.


March 2010

SPHC Website. SPBuzz reflects on the new website in light of information published in a recent flyers.



A shout-out to Mustafa, owner of the Laura & Melinda Tailor Shop (named after his daughters) for his creative, resourceful, stylish, expert and caring salvation of a bunch of old clothes. 137 Rivington Street.


January 2010 

Grand Plan for Grand Street? A flyer by Director Deborah Finston claimed that our Board was pursuing a covert plan to redevelop our Grand Street commercial property. A memo was distributed by Board President Michael Tumminia to refute her claims.



Meeting: New Website. A meeting took place on January 12 at which the proposed website was presented and discussed.



Local Law 11. At the November meeting, our Board presented $2.5MM worth of work needed to meet "Local Law 11" requirements. The process by which they arrived at that number warrants some further disclosure.



New Website. The new SPHC website is being unveiled. It's functionality is compelling. It's price tag? Pretty steep.



Did Someone Say "Ethics"? With ethics training under their belts, we can be especially sure that our Directors will conduct elections in a robust and ethical manner.


December 2009 

New Counsel. Audio recording of informational meeting at which new counsel was introduced


November 2009 

Up, Up and Away! Audio recording and notes from the November 3 meeting at which our maintenance increases were discussed.






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