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Will We Need A Trans-Gender Room Next?

I received a flyer under my door regarding establishment of a women's club. How come there is no check box for "I strongly object to the establishment of such a club?" I can't imagine there is broad demand for gender-specific clubs as opposed to general community rooms. The idea of exclusive clubs seems destined to turn any community center into a de facto senior center.

As I looked further into the topic, I learned that the Men's Club managed to start renting the space from us at a nominal fee many years ago. I'm sure it was a good idea at the time, but it seems very out-dated. It is an enormous, somewhat shabby room in which I've never seen more than half-a-dozen people at a time. Are we planning on replicating this facility in the name of gender equity?

My opinion is that the Mens' Club should be reclaimed for public Seward Park use. Its facilities should be improved to meet broader community needs, with with a coffee counter, wireless internet access, decent furniture, table/board games, a TV and a pool table. If senior facilities are an issue, perhaps seniors-only hours could be planned.

But regardless of whether you share this opinion or not, isn't it worrisome that the issue was never brought out to Shareholders at-large? Who is deciding these things and on what basis?

Our Neighbors Are Talking!

Do you think it is a good idea to have and maintain separate men's and women's clubs?

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