Hester Street Competition Results

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About The Hester Street Competition

The Hester Street Competition was conducted by the SPHC Master Planning Committee, chaired by Pietro Filardo. The competition solicited a total of 58 responses from SP shareholders and management.

The purpose of the competition was not to "vote" or make actual plans for the property. Rather, it aimed to increase dialogue about the potential use our Hester Street property. In that respect, the competition was a great success. Many options were and continue to be proposed and studied by our Board of Directors, the Master Planning Committee, and various members of our community. The winner of the competition submitted entry #2, and was awarded a $100 gift certificate to Barnes & Nobel.

Although the official competition is over, talk about Hester Street has just begun. Shareholders are encouraged to continue to submit their ideas and views!

This web presentation was produced by Cynthia Lamb and Dan Strum, members of the SPHC Master Planning Committee.