Hester Street Competition Results

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Summary Findings

Overall, statistics showed that the respondants favor a community use for the space. This does not have to be mutually exclusive from a revenue-generating space, however. Creative ideas were put forth to combine community activities with that of revenue generation.

Should the space be covered, left open, or a combination of the two? The largest percentage is in favor of keeping the space an outdoor setting. The next largest percentage did not indicate directly if a roof would go over the Hester Street lot. Various ideas combined indoor and outdoor use, and several opted to build upon the lot.

Security is a consideration under any circumstance. In that light, did respondents mention security as a a specific issue? Almost one-quarter did.

Should the lot be kept as a space for shareholders only? The top vote-getters were either yes, it should be private, or not mentioned, the idea did not indicate exclusive shareholder use. Several entries mentioned both private and public use of the space.

The "Overall Use" chart below is "weighted." Several entries listed more than one Overall Use category.

Overall Use
Keep Secure